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Do you know why some materials are preferable to others? Read these garage door tips for more information

Installing your wall control panel

The technicians in our garage door service company advise that the wall control panel must be mounted at least five feet above the floor. This is a safety precaution. If installed at this height, the children won’t be able to reach and play with it.

Dealing with garage door spring noise

If your garage door spring is making a squeaky noise, do not be alarmed. This is not a major problem yet, but it can end up as one if neglected. Simply apply a spray-on lubricant on the garage door springs to eliminate the noise.

Inform household members whenever you perform garage door repairs

When doing repairs on your garage door, everyone in the household should know about it. This is to avoid accidents by warning everyone from approaching the garage area. This is also a logical thing to do to keep garage door parts and tools away from the reach of children, pets, and others who may unwittingly trip on or misplace them.

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