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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance
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It’s not the most fun thing in the world, but you cannot go without it. Garage door maintenance gives you a safe, secure and smoothly working system. It must cover all major components.

Torsion Spring Care

Garage Door MaintenanceSince the spring does most of the work during door opening, it requires careful check for damage. If there are dented, chipped or deformed coils, the part should be replaced with a new one. If the spring is in good condition, it will need lubrication maintenance. It starts with removing any dirt stuck to the coils. With a bit of solvent, the task is easy. Spray lubricant is ideal for the spring and for the bearings too. The lithium products are the most reliable in any weather. It is important to spray all coils with the lubricant so as to reduce the friction between them.

Checking Cables

These are also part of the spring system. They don’t require lubrication, apart from spraying a bit of the product on the sections at the bottom bracket buttons. However, they need a careful check for fraying and damage. The key thing is to watch out for tiny cuts. They are best seen when the background is darker. Frayed cables and those with cuts require immediate replacement. Otherwise, they will break and make the door practically unusable. A door with broken cables can go off track and bend or break the track.

Opener Testing

There are two tests for openers. The first one is designed to test the closing force. A wood plank is set under the door while it is opened. When it is closing with the opener, it should touch the plank and go back up. If the door hits the object, the force will have to be reduced. The safety sensors are tested with the help of an object that blocks the infrared beam connecting them. When the remote signals the opener to close the door, the unit should stay in place or go down just a bit and then reverse immediately.

Looking for help with maintaining your overhead door and opener? Let us, at Garage Door Repair in Brentwood, do the job professionally. We take care of all components without exception. When repair is required, we’ll fix or replace the faulty component right away. Count on us completely to keep the whole system in perfect condition.

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