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The Magic World of Electric

The Magic World of Electric
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Loving old things and appreciating traditional values is one thing but implementing old habits to new worlds is something completely different. Who can stay away from cars, technology or cell phones? It is obvious that manual garage doors cost less to maintain but the advantages, which come along with electric openers are unparalleled. The potentials of automatic doors are amazing and the new openers embody great safety features, which ensure people's safety. An automatic opener will make your movements a piece of cake and will reduce dramatically the possibility of an accident.

The security of automatic openers

The Magic World of ElectricForget about manual garage doors and ancient ways of locking away intruders and dangers and enter the world of automatic protection. Automatic garage doors close well on the ground, are controlled by your own personal garage opener remote or a keypad with a private code, can be connected with your alarm system and can offer great security.

You can walk under the open door or drive through with your car as many times as you like and the opener will still keep the door open since the sensors would sense your presence. It is a new magic world, which can promise safe homes and safe people, as long as you don't disregard the importance of garage door service. According to the experience of garage door repair Brentwood mechanisms, which are maintained properly and on time have many advantages and offer great benefits and would hardly cause any problems.

Safety and comfort

Electric openers have two great advantages. They work with remote controls and have safety sensors.

  •     Remotes will provide you access fast and this is a blessing when it is raining or it is freezing cold and when it's too dark to get out of the car. Manufacturers keep introducing new models with excellent technologies and rolling codes and there is also the chance to get a wireless garage door keypad, which works with codes.
  •     Sensors are excellent because they can guarantee safety. After the reverse system, manufacturers introduced light sensors, timers that close the door and sensors for the detection of smoke and other chemicals.

If you are wondering about your autonomy when the power is out, new openers work with a backup battery system for a few hours, so that you can come and go as usual without problems.

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