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Electric Garage Door
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If you are in need of an Electric Garage Door, our company is proud to serve you. We offer a wide variety of services to the residents of Brentwood as we understand that you deserve to have a beautiful home as does your car. The origin of an automatic overhead door traces back to World War II when there was a very simple system of a transmitter and a receiver. Over the years, these large units have evolved over the years; now it is not just about the garage door opening and closing at the touch of a button. Modern automatic garage doors help enhance your property’s value while providing enhanced security to your home and saving you energy as garages are a natural insulator from natural elements.

Electric Garage DoorAt some point you will face electric garage door problems; there is always a solution for the problem and the best way to troubleshoot is ask our team of experts. If the electric garage door opener refused to work or the lights on the control pad no longer glow, call our team of highly trained technicians to test out the many components of your garage. Some of the troubleshooting methods that you can do on your own that will help you understand why some components are not working are checking to see if the sensors are blocked and testing the power source or the battery.

Irregular opening and closing of electric garage doors could also pose serious problems with the door reversing automatically once they hit the floor or even before that. Our professionals will check this to see if the spring is worn out and needs replacement or if there are any other adjustment features that need to be looked at and either repaired or replaced.

Regular inspection and maintenance should be on every homeowner’s agenda.

Your Electric Garage Door should be treated like every other piece of electrical equipment in your home and should be maintained and serviced frequently. Our highly skilled team will do everything possible to ensure that the tracks are cleaned and all moving parts are lubricated for smooth functioning. Our technicians also check bolts, fasteners, chains, and pulleys and will adjust the lift and close force to ensure that every component is working as it should be.

We deliver quality electric garage door service at your doorstep with a special focus on preventative maintenance.  Overhead doors need special care to function optimally; if you’ve been putting off servicing, it’s time to call our team to schedule service and maintenance on your garage door or for a free estimate.

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